Virtual Learning

Cyber Security Webinar – October 29, 2020 at 2 PM EDT

Please join us as we discuss cyber security and ways to help control your exposure. 

Topics Include Best Practices for Preventing:

  • Ransomware Attacks
  • Business Email Compromise

Third Party Resources to be Discussed:

  • eRiskHub
  • Security Scorecard

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A recorded webinar with Jared Bishop, Director of Risk Management to review current risk management resources available to our insureds.

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A recorded live co-webinar with guest speaker Candace Collins, Director of Strategic Alliances, Praesidium, Inc.  Special focus on abuse prevention controls during a pandemic.

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A recorded live co-webinar with guest speaker Bob Krueger, Vice President of Client Relations, SafetyFirst Systems.  Covers the main parts of an effective organizational driver safety program.

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This one-hour webinar will give an overview of best practices to manage the risks of operating a playground on your premises. Topics  include:

  • The history of playgrounds and playground safety standards
  • Standards of care
  • Design, selection and installation issues
  • Injury and claims information
  • Common hazards and maintenance issues
  • Record keeping

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A recorded live webinar with co-speaker Doug Svenkerud, Divisional Senior Vice President. Covers the potential risks and liabilities associated with organizations reopening during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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A recorded webinar with with guest speaker Steve Ringler, Divisional Senior Vice President, Loss Control. Covers wildfire trends, building construction considerations, establishing defensible zones, emergency response and life safety considerations.

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“Safe Play” Video: Aquatic Safety – Staying Focused

Lifeguards must train themselves to stay focused and respond immediately to any aquatic event.  Here are eight tips to make the “Safe Play” when it comes to staying focused while on duty.

Watch: Aquatic Safety – “Staying Focused”

Print: Aquatic Safety – “Staying Focused” infographic

“Safe Play” Video: Summer Camps – Adopting a Culture of Safety

Welcome to camp! We look forward to having you as a camp counselor this summer and to make the most out of camp this year, it is important to adopt a culture of safety. Here are ten ways make sure safety becomes apart of your routine.

Watch: Summer Camps – “Adopting a Culture of Safety”

The Training Network Now Safety Video Library

Great American Policyholders have access to a vast library of streaming video and training content provided through The Training Network Now. The library is an excellent supplement to our policyholders’ overall safety and risk management programs.

Library Overview

Great American’s safety video library includes over 800 training programs with over 400 titles available in Spanish covering a wide variety of hazard-specific and industry-specific topics. Topics are categorized in the online library to facilitate browsing by hazard, operation or industry. Content ranges from OSHA compliance and employee safety, to driving and driver issues, and human resources and management topics.

Each training topic contains a video that may be streamed using a built-in, user friendly media player with closed caption capability in both English and Spanish. Many topics come with downloadable and editable course materials in a Zip file that include course leader guides, course completion certificates, sign-in sheets, and post-video training quizzes and answer keys. Videos are best streamed using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or mobile phone browsers. Videos may be presented in a classroom setting with a moderator to record attendance and facilitate.

To Setup Account Access

For access to the Training Network Now, contact your Great American Loss Control Consultant, or send a request to Please include your name, company name, email address, and policy number. Click here for more information on

Over 800 titles with multiple selections in the following categories:

Chemicals & Gases
Construction Topics
Driver & Vehicle Safety
Ergonomics & Strain Prevention
Facilities & Premises Safety
Fire Safety & Extinguishers
First Aid / Emergency Prep
Food Safety & HACCP
Grounds & Landscaping
HazMat Awareness
Heat Stress & Hypothermia
HR Related Topics
Industrial Safety
Leadership & Culture
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Retail, Restaurants & Hospitality
School Site Safety
Tools, Equipment & Machinery
Warehouse Safety

And many other topics!