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Asurint- Background Screening Solutions

Who you hire matters and here at Great American Specialty Human Services, we want to make the hiring process as effective and fast as possible! We have teamed up with Asurint Background Screening Solutions to help you get the most up to date background checks on your employees for only $12.00!

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Praesidium – Expert Abuse Prevention and Response Solutions

As a Great American policyholder, you have access to Praesidium’s expert knowledge and targeted abuse prevention and response through two valuable solutions. These services are included with your policy with Specialty Human Services.

  • Crisis Response Toolkit
    Praesidium’s Crisis Response Toolkit is designed to help your organization navigate difficult decisions and ensure the organizational response unfolds smoothly, strategically, and integrates a survivor-focus.  This toolkit highlights various decision points, provides samples to get you started, and helps your organization build a crisis response team, ensure safety, follow reporting requirements, gather initial information, communicate with a range of stakeholders, provide resources, and pivot to prevention.
  • Praesidium Helpline – 866.607.SAFE (7233)
    The Praesidium Helpline gives your organizational leadership team a confidential mechanism to discuss concerns or allegations involving sexual abuse and receive support to navigate next steps.  Available seven days a week, Praesidium’s team can provide immediate recommendations to ensure: the safety of all parties, external reporting, internal reporting; mid-term recommendations to course correct; and long-term recommendations to support a culture of safety. Information discussed during the call will not be shared with your insurance carrier.

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Intellicorp – Discounted Background Checks

Make smart hiring decisions while saving with IntelliCorp’s discounted background check package. Specialty Human Services policyholders receive negotiated pricing of $18.15 for a standard background check plus $2.00 + state fees for an MVR when use Intellicorp to run your background checks.

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SafetyFirst – Driver Monitoring

Help reduce losses due to auto accidents and employee turnover, and improve your public image with SafetyFirst’s driver monitoring. The driver monitoring program is included with the purchase of an auto policy. Complete the customer information section of the enrollment form and send it to your agent to get started. Additional services offered at preferred pricing include:

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Nonprofit Risk Management Center – Risk Resources for Nonprofits! 

Visit the website of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center for additional information on a wide range of risk topics. NRMC is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the risk management goals of other nonprofits and advancing risk leadership in the nonprofit sector.

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StopIt –Anonymous Bully Reporting App

Report, deter and mitigate inappropriate conduct including bullying, drug and alcohol use, inappropriate student/teacher relationships and threat of self-harm with STOPit’s anonymous user app. Schools and other social service organizations can take advantage of this offering. The first year of the StopIt app and Incident Monitoring are included with the purchase of your policy.

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CBOND – Discounted Glass Strengthening and Virus-Eliminating Nanotechnology

Create a safer and healthier environment for your customers with discounts on C-BOND’s nanotechnology solutions. NIJ certified bullet-resistant, and forced-entry spray-on system for glass easily creates a safety barrier to help protect your organization against criminal activity.  C-BOND’s EPA N Listed registered non-toxic disinfectants help prevent the spread of viruses that cause COVID -19.

  • C-BOND SECURE : A non-toxic spray-on liquid applies to glass and fills in the natural surface defects making the glass more durable and flexible. When applied with any film product, increases the film performance while helping to prevent criminal activity such as unwanted forced entry intrusion. C-BOND SECURE Exclusive Pricing for GAIG policyholders at $13.50/sq. ft.; a 32% savings.
  • C-BOND BRS (Bullet Resistant System): The only patented glass to film system proven to stop bullets validated to NIJ Level II ballistic standards. BRS retrofits easily to existing glass or installed for new construction. Protect your personnel and clients from active shooter threats – today. C-BOND BRS Exclusive Protection Pricing for GAIG policyholders at $50/sq. ft.; a 23% savings.
  • C-BOND MB-10 is an EPA N list registered surface disinfectant. A non-toxic tablet dissolves in water, sprays easily, dries quickly, and provides a non-irritating environmentally safe alternative to harsh chemicals. MB-10 comes in tablet form so inexpensive to ship and convenient to store. Dissolves quickly in water when you need it. One MB-10 Kit makes four gallons of virus stopping surface disinfectant. Stock up today. C-BOND MB10 Exclusive Pricing for GAIG policyholders: $90/ Kit; a 40% savings. 40 tablet-only refills at $10/ tablet; a 46% savings.
  • C-BOND FN Nano Coating: A paint-like coating that applies to ceilings, walls, and roofs using photocatalytic activation to clean particulates and organic matter from the air and help eliminate carbon emissions (with outdoor use) by utilizing natural or UV light sources. One gallon purifies 400 sq. ft. C-BOND FN-NANO2 Exclusive Pricing for GAIG policyholders, $399/gallon; a 33% savings.

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Visitu – Visitor Management Software

Keep track of who is checking in and out of your facility with the Visitu Visitor Management software. Policyholders will receive one free iPad with the purchase of Visitu’s visitor management software. Policyholders can also enjoy 10% off standard retail pricing.

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Great American is providing these offers to its policyholders to assist in the management of potential loss producing conditions involving their premises and/or operations. Great American makes no warranties or representations about and disclaims any responsibility for the products or services offered by any third party and does not endorse any third party product.