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Your Responsibility to Keep Biometric Information Safe

Your Responsibility to Keep Biometric Information Safe

ILLINOIS’ Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) (740 ILCS 14/1)

The Problem:
Society continues to witness significant advances in technology, enabling businesses to offer better products, services, efficiencies and security. We are collecting more personal and biometric information at a faster rate than ever before. Ever wonder why you see advertisements on your phone related to a recent conversation or a  search? The result is that privacy isn’t so private anymore. While technological advancements intend to deliver a noble reward, collecting and using persoal information significantly raises the risk profile for all entities regardless of size and industry class.

More and more businesses are using technology to collect biometric information to better understand and serve customers and employees. Biometric information presents a unique privacy exposure in that a biometric record is permanent and cannot be changed. For example, John Doe’s fingerprint is immutable – a fingerprint can never be changed. However, John Doe’s credit card number is easily changed when a new card is issued. Due to its permanency, biometric information is quite effective in identifying individuals based on physical characteristics, but this permanency raises the risk profile given biometric information cannot be changed if stolen or compromised.

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