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Winter Safety

Recent winter seasons have been severe and have taught many lessons regarding loss trends and steps that can be taken to reduce future weather-related incidents to buildings.

Key loss sources have included the following:

  • Heavy snow or ice accumulation on roofs, outdoor equipment, and power lines.
  • Low temperature causing freezing of fire sprinkler and domestic water systems.
  • Blocked roof drainage leading to water back up and building intrusion.
  • Temporary heaters causing fires.
  • Heating system failures.
  • Building envelope failure.

To prepare for winter weather, property owners can take the following precautionary steps and procedures:

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Make sure that your organization is safe and prepared by following these 3 steps:

Step 1: Read these resources on vehicle safety:

Step 2: Read these Resources on property safety:

Step 3: Review this guide on Winter Protection Against Fires and Freeze-Ups:

Additional Resources: