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Pool Reopening Alert

The problem

Your pool and aquatic facilities have been closed for a prolonged time, what steps should you take to open them  back up again.

It’s been a while since you have used your indoor and/or outdoor aquatic facilities and now is the time you want to get them ready to go again. You cannot expect to start the facility up again right away and it may take several days or a week depending upon your procedures, but let’s lay out what should be done. Hopefully your facility certified pool operator is checking the pool daily while the facility is still closed so that getting re- started should not be as difficult.

Important First Steps: Lifeguard Re-Orientation

One of the most important things to do prior to opening is to re-orient your lifeguards to your operations. They have been pre-occupied with other things while the facility was closed and may have forgotten protocols and procedures of the facility. prior to them being assigned any shift, undergo a re-orientation as if they were new to the facility. This re-orientation should be checked off the same way any in-service training is completed, and they should pass a competency test both verbal and written to make sure they are comfortable with the location of equipment and protocols. Finally, it is suggested that all actions are documented.

The Solution

Complete the items below as you start getting your facility’s aquatic operations back in order.