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Fire Safety

General Fire-Safety Checklist

Performing routine fire safety inspections are an integral part of an effective fire prevention and control plan. The following items can be used as a starting point for a fire safety inspection campaign.


Is the facility’s address clearly displayed?

Are there accumulations of combustible materials in outside areas?

Is fire exposure from adjoining facilities limited by building separation or fire barriers?

Are fire hydrants protected from accidental damage and is access to them unobstructed?

Are all exterior areas of the business property illuminated?

Are exterior doors and windows of the business property secured from unauthorized access?

Is the perimeter of the property fenced?

Fire Doors

Are fire doors free from visible damage?

Are fire doors free from obstructions that would prevent closure?

Are the areas near fire doors free of combustible material storage that could produce a flash fire (since such a fire could spread through the opening before automatically tripping the door)?

Are fusible links of automatic closing mechanisms of fire doors free of paint and other foreign materials?

Are the guides and pulleys of automatic closing mechanisms of fire doors free of damage and cables not showing signs of fraying?

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