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Facilities Maintenance


More than 20% of all fire losses and a large number of work injuries result directly or indirectly from poor housekeeping. Although not considered a high priority by some, improved housekeeping is a time tested method of increasing productivity and reducing cost.

Management Actions

  1. Communicate the need for improved housekeeping
  2. Improve the workplace environment
  3. Safe arrangement and workflow
  4. Provide the necessary tools and equipment

Checklist for Specific Housekeeping Concerns

  • Smoking- Should be controlled where required
  • Combustible materials- All combustible raw and waste materials should be stored in covered metal containers.
  • Receptacles- For combustible trash, should be noncombustible with lids or fitted “self extinguishing” covers.
  • Floors- Should be clean and dry. Noncombustible mineral absorbent should be used to remove oil spills. Avoid flammable floor cleaners. Improve slippery floors with treatments or modifications to reduce slip and fall injuries.

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